Fishing Report - Big Qualicum River

The Big Qualicum River is One of the few Vancouver Island Rivers that always has Sea Run Cutthroat Trout somewhere in the system.  Being the First BC River that housed a Specific Hatchery Program basically hurt the native runs of fish in the beginning of the so-called management program. However,since the programs were greatly reduced, the river itself and the adjacent raparian areas  have developed into a very dense and wild setting once again. Thus,Trout tend to inhabit the system at various times in great numbers and throughout the entire system at other times.  The down side is that the Hatchery complex itself closes daily operations about 5Pm every day and leaves the Poachers free range to invade the unprotected river. I have had to chase several poachers off the system recently...and this is very disappointing!.
Do take time to fish this wonderful little system and enjoy all of it's wonders.


Spring 2020..July 7th...lots of small Rainbow and Cutthroat trou in the lower River..if you work hard and get you flies into the white water you may be rewarded with big fish

March 13th
The Big Qualicum River has been producing some very noce trout..both Sea Run Cutties andRainbow Trout...although slowed a bit at the moment..likely something to do with the Herring Fishers along the local coassts,,get out there and play...a safe place is on the rivers

Fall of with all East Vancouver Island Rivers there are concerns about low numbers of Chum Salmon,the returning Chinook were also lower than expected,Coho we much lower thus far caausing concerns ..Trout fishing is good