Our Team

Val Taylor-Ogilvie

Val is a good fly fisher and ambassador to all you great flyfishers out there and yes, you ladies too!

Courtney Ogilvie

Courtney Ogilvie, proprietor Nile Creek fly shop, husband, father, grandfather.

To say Courtney has a passion for fishing, well...that doesn’t quite cut it. He eats, breathes and sleeps fly fishing and he shares his wealth of knowledge with those who want to learn from his experience. He is a master caster, if you would like to learn, he offers casting training throughout the year. If you are having difficulty with your casting or presentation arrange a private lesson or book a spot in one of the shop’s casting clinics.

You could ask him where he caught this beautiful fish but he probably wouldn’t tell you.

Kellen Busineus

Kellen brings his passion to the table everyday. In the brief few years that I have known Kellen, I have watched his skills as a caster develop, he is accurate with single and double handed fly rods. His attention to detail when fly tying is inspiring, we have a serious tyer here! Kellen is our resident licensed freshwater guide

Emiliano Di Cicco

Emi is a new member to Nile Creek's club of serious fly fishers. We are fortunate to have him in our company, he is a passionate fly fisher and enjoys swinging wets and skating dries oh he is great at nimphing as well. Emi is a fish health researcher with the Pacific Salmon Institute, he studied at the University Di Camerino in Italy. He is also a great fly tyer. If you have any questions he will be able to help.