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NIle Creek Kick Boats

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Nile creek kick boats, 7Ft, 8FT and 9FT models,

Kick boats are an answer to many of your adventure wants for fishing rivers, lakes and the beach. Chasing everything from trout to steelhead and salmon. All three sizes are sturdy capable of class 3 waters.

Comes with oars, electric motor mount, anchor pully, cargo net, stripping net, small cargo side bag, foot pump,  carrying bag for the deflated  boat.

These boats are custom to Nile Creek Fly Shop, manufactured to a high standard considering Safety and durability. There are 2 air chambers using a 0.09mm  multi layered PVC skin, all seams are glued and reinforced. We have enlarged the size of certain D rings and repositioned to decrease stress from "pulling or pushing". Boats are available in  colors, grey, blue, green, red, all boats are 47" wide and have a lifted front end to provide less resistance when rowing  forward.

Seat Platforms are 2 Aluminum panels that slide onto PVC strips located along the side...these keep you slightly off the main PVC sheet for storage ,there is also a padded cloth material  clip on "seat" that can be adjusted to individual personal needs by clipping to D rings. 

The Oars are standard Aluminum 2 piece oars with a hard plastic blade..upgrades are available for a cost.

There is no free shipping with Kick Boats..we ship with UPS,Canada Post and Fed Ex