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Hero Fly Reels,

Be a hero and fish with a hero. An affordable but cool looking reel family. These sei machined reels have a silky smooth but powerful disc brake, consisting in total of five discs from carbon and stainless steel. The smaller reels spool has an easy and quick screw release where as on the salmon size it has a waterproof and secure pop out system.

Nymph & Dry,

This Hero is ideal reel for rods #3-#5wt when using standard WF or special nymphing lines. It has a large arbour for quick line retrieve and its narrow spool spools the line nicely. The full body rim prevents the thin nymphing lines slipping into the wrong places. This reel balances the longer rods perfectly.

-Large arbour

-CNC machined die cast frame & spool

-Carbon & stainless steel disc brake 

-Easy retrieve change

4/6 Hero,

Handles traditional river and lighter Stillwater fishing with ease. It accommodates WF6F fly lines with enough backing and its weight is matched to balance the same weight rods.

7/9 Hero,

Is the bigger brother handling everything from heavier river fishing to predator and lighter saltwater fishing.

Salmon Hero,

This reel is similar look to the smaller ones, but it has eaten a different brake system. As this reel will face bigger fish and harsher conditions, it features more powerful and water brake system. The brake itself consists again of carbon and stainless steel giving us a smooth, reliable and powerful brake. Everything is sealed behind o-rings to keep the water and dirt out. The frame has a full body rim so you can use thin running lines without fear unwanted jams. The reels capacity is big enough for heavy skagit and hybrid lines so can rig with any dbl hander.