XLV Stillmaniac Reel

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XLV Stillmaniac 7/8 Cassette Reel,

STILLMANIACS in mind we designed this modern cassette reel to suit today’s stillwater fishing. The reel balances perfectly our Stillmaniac rods but in addition to these it is a great choice for your pike or single handed salmon rod, or for whatever fishing where you need several different types of lines. The cassette has a quick change system so you only need to unscrew the locking ring for half a turn, and you can pull it out. It also has a solid area where you can write with a marker pen the line which you have on it. The reel comes in a handy neoprene case with 3 cassettes and if you need more, they are available in moderately priced 2-packs.

6/7 Reel Coming in early 2023