Koski Zip Waders

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Koski Zip

Koski Zip waders is made from the same materials as the non Zip wader, which is soft comfortable materials. The lower part thicker material comes up to your thighs, so it makes this wader strong and durable. The Zip model has two water resistant front pockets which are made from wader fabric. They have accessory attachment loops on the outside and additional accessory straps both outside the pocket and in, so you can attach lots of useful tools to this wader. The main zipper is a robust TiZip Masterseal 10 and the other pocket zippers are a high quality YKK AquaGuards.

The TiZip Masterseal 10 zipper is made from high strength fabric coated with thermoplastic polyurethane. The extra strong plastic teeth are fixed to the top and bottom of the zipper tape. The zippers coupling elements keep sealing edges tightly sealed together when the zipper is closed.

-Lightweight 4-layer construction

-Waterproof and breathable F4 fabric 

-Curved NoSeam, cut to perfect fit

-Two water resistant pockets in front

-D-rings & accessory loops and straps

-2 Heavy duty belt loops

-Built in gravel guards

-Neoprene Feet with left and side design 

-Drying loops