Scout 2.0 Zip Waders

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Scout 2.0 Zip

As the name says, this model has a full length zipper in front. Not only it makes getting in and out easier, it also helps to ventilate the wader during the extreme hikes and when nature calls its a handy feature. The main zipper positioned in slight angle to give you more support from the braces for opening and closing. This way we also managed to create more room for the waterproof pocket on the other side. Also, this pocket zipper is placed in an angle and this way you have easier access to the inside organizers of this pocket.

The TIPZIP MASTERSEAL 10 zipper is made from high strength fabric coated with thermoplastic polyurethane. The extra strong plastic teeth are fixed to the top and bottom of the zipper tape. The zippers coupling elements keep the sealing edges tightly sealed together when the zipper is closed.

-Latest fabric featuring 37.5 Technology 

-Fully waterproof chest pocket with a TiZip Master Seal 6 zipper

-Full length TiZip MasterSeal 10 zipper

-Seam optimization secured with our new E-tape

-Heavier bottom fabric, lighter upper fabric

-Curved NoSeam, cut for perfect fit

-Matching colour belt and braces

-D-rings and drying loops

-Built in gravel guards

-Ultimate comfort