Fly Tying

Fly Tying - an extension of the fly fishing experience

Tying flies is a combination of skill, creativity and artful expression. It’s a skill that is developed over time, like playing an instrument, practice makes perfection. They say that even a poorly tied fly will catch a fish, but a well tied fly will catch many more! 

Learning to tie flies will give you insight into the feeding patterns of the fish you are targeting and help you to develop a knowledge of the diversity of the aquatic creatures that the fish are feeding on below the surface.

Learning to tie flies will help you become a better fly fisher, it’s a skill that can be shared with friends and family and it’s something you can pass on to your children. Give it a try you may get “hooked”.

Call us to book a lesson or a series of lessons. We also have a great selection of fly tying tools, vices, hooks and materials for your tying pleasure. Check out our store!

Until we can roam freely we will on Saturday Morning have scheduled Fly tying workshops for only Two People, Covid protocols will be strictly adhered to !! $30/tier and keep the flies...all  skill levels welcome,please call to register