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Cottarelli T-Rex Travel Vise Kit

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Cottarelli Travel T-Rex Vise Kit

 - Long Style
- Unique Design with Two Heads
- Travel Base
- 360° True Rotary
- Jolly Support Included
- Tube Fly Tool included
- Travel Box Included
- Made in Italy



Cottarelli Travel T-Rex Vise Kit, complete with tripod Travel base, counter balanced brass handle, two large size jaws, Jolly support. Cottarelli Travel T-Rex Vise Kit is the ideal solution for the salmon fly tiers, especially dedicated to the use of expensive hand made hooks such as Ronn Lucas, Byron Bjerke, Jasuhiro Ogasawara, black japanned or antique hooks. Accessories included in the Cottarelli Travel T-Rex Vise Kit: Tube Fly ToolJolly Support. A comfortable and robust Black Travel Box with textured foam is included too.

Cottarelli Vise T-Rex Kit is the only vise able to protect the delicate surface and coating of these hooks. Used by some of the best salmon fly tiers in the world. Excellent also for all sort of big flies, steelhead, pike, bass and saltwater. Cottarelli Vise T-Rex Kit has been endorsed by Alberto Calzolari. This Cottarelli Travel T-Rex Vise Kit version is the favourite of the renowned Norwegian salmon fly tier Long Nguyen. Made in Italy.

It is possibile to add to the Cottarelli Travel T-Rex Vise Kit the following optional accessories: Cottarelli Extended Body ToolCottarelli Inkwell. Attention, it is not possible to combine all Cottarelli vise with Travel base, therefore with a tripod, all the other Cottarelli accessories that are not mentioned here.

Also, it is possibile to transform the Cottarelli Travel T-Rex Vise Kit in an excellent fly tying vise to make trout flies, replacing the T-Rex supplied fork with a Cottarelli Forcella Travel and adding a vise head choosing among the Cottarelli Medium Head, the Cottarelli Midge Head, the Cottarelli Streamer Head.