Rivermaniac single handed fly rod ¥

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Rivermanic rod series consists of 9 foot rods which are designed as a true all-round fly rods for river fishing. Anglers can choose between two actions whether they prefer a medium action which is perfect for roll- and speycasting and soft presentation or a fast action which is perfect for long casts and pushing tight loops in to a head wind.

  • Medium and Fast action rods
  • 4-piece rods
  • Half wells in #5 weight and lighter
  • Small full wells with a fighting butt in 9’ #6
Line Length Pieces Model Item #
#3 4 Medium VRM4903
#4 4 Medium VRM4904
#5 4 Medium VRM4905
#6 9’ 4 Medium VRM4906
#3 4 Fast VRF4903
#4 4 Fast VRF4904
#5 4 Fast VRF4905
#6 4 Fast VRF4906