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Stonfo Dubbing Tool/Spinner

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Dubbing 2, 

High quality dubbing tool with a soft touch handle. 

Dubbing twister,

high quality revolving dubbing tool, very small dimensions.

Roto Dubbing Mini,

Mini revolving dubbing spinner, Its equipped with a internal ball bearing and a special ring-shaped ergonomic handle.

Roto Dubbing 2,

A high quality revolving dubbing spinner with a ball bearing inside. ( A staff favorite )

Coccodrillo Dubbing spinner 

Dubbing tool that allows to make composite dubbings using sections of various materials like chenille, long hackles, tinsel etc. These materials c an be locked together by the plier, and wrapped at the same time turning the hand wheel mounted on a bearing, in order to create multicolored dubbing noodles. Its swinging motion permits 180 degrees of free swinging motion with a block at center position. The positioning of the head at 90 degrees prevents unrolling of dubbing that can be wrapped easily on the hook.

Turbo Spin,

The Turbo spin is an accessory that placed in the jaws of any type of vise allows, thanks to a precision ball bearing, an ideal rotation to create dubbing brushes.

Pettine Comb/Brush, 

The Pettine Comb/Brush made with high resistance plastic material, is composed of small narrow-toothed comb and velcro brush. Ideal to improve the finishings of your flies and to make them more fluffy and attractive. Great for brushing out your dubbing loops and composite loops.