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Stonfo Hair Stackers & Shaver

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Standard Hair Stacker, 

Metal hair Stacker with rubber bottom. Aligns perfectly any type of hair. Supplied with two different sized stacker cones.

Mini Hair Stacker,

 Metal hair stacker with a rubber bottom, allows a perfect alignment of small quantities of hair and fibers for the realization of tails or tufts.

Hair Packer,

This simple accessory facilitates the tying operation of flies, streamers, poppers etc. Compacting the hair both natural and synthetic. The two different size heads are equipped inside with an elastic cylinder to accommodate hooks of any size. Supplied with two spare elastic cylinders. 


Special Razor great for fly and streamer Tyers. Perfect for the creation of deer hair heads & body's. The rotation of the ring nut allows to flex the blade to the desired angle to have a more uniform hair cut. Important: Keep out of the reach of children, very sharp double edged razor blades.