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Stonfo Whip Finishers, Hackle pliers & Bodkins

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Annodatore Whip Finisher,

High quality whip finisher tool for tying heads of any size fly...

Annodatore Conical Finisher,

 Extra user-friendly conical finisher. It is produced in stainless steel material by high precision machines. Supplied with three different heads 1,4-2,0-2.7mm holes. instructions included.

Pinza Per Hackle Pliers,

Revolving hackle pliers enables a continuous winding of the hackle at maximum speed. The shock-absorber spring prevents the frequent breakage of the hackle.

Pinza Elite Hackles Pliers Micro,

A new concept hackle pliers. Permit a very good tightening of every kind of material lick cock hackles, Cul de Canard, micro chenille, tinsel, lead wire etc. 

Bodkin Spillo Di Montaggio,

A very useful tool for fly Tying. The soft touch handle has a special hexagonal shape so that the tool won't roll off the tying bench.