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Tungsten slotted Beads

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With the growing popularity of Euro Nymphing, more and more anglers are tying with slotted tungsten beads. These beads are built with a slot in the bottom to accommodate proper placing on jig-shaped fly hooks. Tungsten is about 50% heavier than brass, which is what most beads are normally made from. Therefore, these beads ensure your flies get down to the strike zone, and stay there longer.

Popular patterns that include slotted tungsten beads are:

  • Egan’s Frenchie
  • Iron Lotus
  • Perdigon
  • red dart
  • blow torch
  • Pavel Shrimp 

Tungsten beads are a must have to complete any tyer's desk! Their common feature is the exceptionally durable and corrosion-proof design.

Qty 15pc per bag