ACE carrot fly lines

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ACE Heads

Ace heads have all the necessary features like super slim and strong loops on both ends, printing on the loops telling which end attach to running line and the weight & the density of the head. They are also built over supersensitive low stretch core so you’ll feel even the lightest take. Phthalate free.

The biggest and most radical innovation in Vision shooting heads is our Sliding Density™ construction of the sinking heads. Instead of making the line with two or even three different density materials we’ve made these lines with a continuous change of density. So for example our Inter to Sink 3 head’s density changes gradually from intermediate to Sink 3. This way we have made a line which doesn’t have ANY hinging effect during the cast. It flies in a nice and controlled loop offering extremely good energy transfer, turning over even really big and heavy flies. With the Sliding Density™ construction together with the new Carrot taper we’ve been able to make the easiest casting sinking heads on the market, period.

The other thing with these heads is the Down To Earth colours. Vision felt that the lines should blend to the colours of the riverbed. So the sinking lines’ colours are chosen to be brownish & greenish because that’s what the stones and the bottom of the rivers often are. The Floating Carrot with its HiFlo™ – coating rides very high on the surface and with carrot orange colour it is very easy to see and follow exactly where your fly is. The Clear Float has a different approach. It is fully transparent, so it minimizes the shadow it casts to the bottom. In short, you’ll spook less and hook more. It floats lower than the Carrot, just about on the surface, so the surface disturbance during the swing is minimal. Lower floating also adds friction when casting so it loads your rod more easily.