HAMMER Skagit Heads

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Hammer Skagit heads

Hammer Skagit shooting heads is one of the most effective and controlled ways to fish deep. Hammer Skagit shooting heads will deliver long and heavy sink with large and heavy flies easier than anything else. Sink Tips are sold separately, and Hammer heads are compatible with our hybrid sink tips and T-tips. All Hammer heads have ready made loops on both ends and weight & density print on front loops.

Hammer float

The most versatile Skagit head. Easy to control during the swing and easy to change fishing depth by changing the tip.

Hammer Slide Floating to Sink 3

Hammer Slide utilizes our sliding density concept. The back part of the head is floating, and the density increases gradually towards the tip of the head which is sink3. With this head you can get deeper than with the floating Hammer head and you can do it with more control than any other sinking skagit head we've made.