Hybrid Tips

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All Hybrid tips work with all Hybrid, Hammer, TNT, ACE Skagit and ACE Switch shooting heads. When choosing the tip, you only choose the length you desire and density. You don’t have to think about the weight of the tip as we’ve done that for you.

Sinking Hybrid Tips utilise our Sliding Density™ concept where the density increases gradually to the tip of the line. Except for the clear intermediate tip which is a full intermediate tip.

Note: Connect loop with the print towards the body.


For Single handed & Switch rods we recommend 10’ tips
For Skagit-style casting we recommend 12.5’ tips
For Scandi-style casting we recommend 15’ tips
For long casts on large rivers as a long Scandi line we recommend 20’ tips

Hybrid Tip Length Weight Color Item #
Floating 7.5ft / 230cm 4.5g / 70gr Blue VHYT7F
Clear Inter 7.5ft / 230cm 4.5g / 70gr Clear VHYT7CI
Inter to Sink2 7.5ft / 230cm 4.5g / 70gr Mustard VHYT7S2
Sink2 to Sink3 7.5ft / 230cm 4.5g / 70gr Brown VHYT7S3
Sink3 to Sink5 7.5ft / 230cm 4.5g / 70gr Dark Olive VHYT7S5
Floating 10ft / 305cm 7g / 110gr Blue VHYT10F
Clear Inter 10ft / 305cm 7g / 110gr Clear VHYT10CI
Inter to Sink2 10ft / 305cm 7g / 110gr Mustard VHYT10S2
Sink2 to Sink3 10ft / 305cm 7g / 110gr Brown VHYT10S3
Sink3 to Sink5 10ft / 305cm 7g / 110gr Dark Olive VHYT10S5
Sink5 to Sink7 10ft / 305cm 7g / 110gr Black VHYT10S7
Floating 12.5ft / 380cm 9g / 140gr Blue VHYT12F
Clear Floating 12.5ft / 380cm 9g / 140gr Clear VHYT12CF
Clear Inter 12.5ft / 380cm 9g / 140gr Clear VHYT12CI
Inter to Sink2 12.5ft / 380cm 9g / 140gr Mustard VHYT12S2
Sink2 to Sink3 12.5ft / 380cm 9g / 140gr Brown VHYT12S3
Sink3 to Sink5 12.5ft / 380cm 9g / 140gr Dark Olive VHYT12S5
Sink5 to Sink7 12.5ft / 380cm 9g / 140gr Black VHYT12S7
Floating 15ft / 450cm 11g / 170gr Blue VHYT15F
Clear Floating 15ft / 450cm 11g / 170gr Clear VHYT15CF
Clear Inter 15ft / 450cm 11g / 170gr Clear VHYT15CI
Inter to Sink2 15ft / 450cm 11g / 170gr Mustard VHYT15S2
Sink2 to Sink3 15ft / 450cm 11g / 170gr Brown VHYT15S3
Sink3 to Sink5 15ft / 450cm 11g / 170gr Dark Olive VHYT15S5
Sink5 to Sink7 15ft / 450cm 11g / 170gr Black VHYT15S7
Floating 20ft / 600cm 15g / 230gr Blue VHYT20F
Clear Inter 20ft / 600cm 15g / 230gr Clear VHYT20CI
Inter to Sink2 20ft / 600cm 15g / 230gr Mustard VHYT20S2
Sink3 to Sink5 20ft / 600cm 15g / 230gr Dark Olive VHYT20S5
Sink5 to Sink7 20ft / 600cm 15g / 230gr Black VHYT20S7